Meditation Downloads

Meditations For Downloading

These meditations have been created by Dr. Paul Norton and are available for you to download and use. Mp3 selections are for use with PCs and compatible media players. Mp4 selections should be compatible with iPhone and iTablet type devices.

A Bodyscan:

The Bodyscan meditation helps you become aware of yourself and your body. It leads you through the parts of your body and allows you to experience being in your body in the present moment. 39:17 min.

A Bodyscan Mp3 (35.9Mb)

A Bodyscan Mp4 (45.6Mb)


A Mountain Meditation:

A Mountain Meditation shows how you and the mountain can observe all the changes going on around you while you just sit. 16:22 min.

A Mountain Meditation Mp3 (14.9Mb)

A Mountain Meditation Mp4 (18.1Mb)


Lake Meditation/Call Me By My True Names

The Lake Meditation demonstrates how one can be calm underneath while the waves of life roil the surface. Followed by a reading of Thich Nhat Hahn’s most famous poem “Call Me By My True Names”. 11:14 min

Lake Meditation/Call Me By My True Names Mp3 (10.2Mb)

Lake Meditation/Call Me By My True Names Mp4 (12.4Mb)

Loving Kindness Meditation:

This is a basic meditation that is used to help develop loving kindness for yourself and others. 18:35 min.

Loving Kindness Mp3 (17Mb)

Loving Kindness Mp4 (20.5Mb)


The Five Rememberences:

The Five Rememberences is a fundamental teaching and a meditation on what it means to be human. 10:28 min.

The Five Rememberences Mp3 (9.58Mb)

The Five Rememberences Mp4 (11.5Mb)


Air Meditation:

A meditation to contemplate breathing and the air we breath. 11:16 min.

Air Meditation Mp3 (10.3Mb)

Air Meditation Mp4 (12.4Mb)



A meditation that helps us turn our distractions into our teachers. 10:10 min.

Distractions Mp3 (9.32Mb)

Distractions Mp4 (11.2Mb)


Expanding Circles:

A meditation that helps us learn to embrace those around us. 13:23 min.

Expanding Circles Mp3 (12.2Mb)

Expanding Circles Mp4 (14.8Mb)





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