Winter 2017
The Intra-vaganza led by Paul Norton, M.D. Order of Interbeing

11  Thursdays 6:30 to 8:30 pm

Milwaukee Mindfulness Practice Center

1922 East Park Place, Milwaukee, WI 53211

January 26th                  Beginning Mindfulness Practice
February 2nd                 Sitting and Walking Meditation

February 9th                  Mindfulness of Body
February 16th                Mindfulness of Feelings
February 23rd               Mindfulness of Thought

March 2nd                     Mindfulness of the World

March 9th                      Four Noble Truths
March 16th                    Lovingkindness

March 23rd                   Compassion

March 30th                   Sympathetic Joy
April 6th                        Equanimity / Graduation

$225 for entire course   $30 for any individual week
($375 for couples)
Includes reading materials and 2 CDs of guided meditation

To register:    Email or
Phone 414-962-8678 or Mail to Mindfulness Center
1922 East Park Place, Milwaukee 53211


All proceeds go to the  Mindfulness Community of Milwaukee.